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Lamborghini Countach

There are very few cars as legendary and iconic as the Lamborghini Countach, a car considered the original supercar by many people. It didn’t just blow everything out of the water when it was first launched, it set the standard of what a supercar should look, feel, sound and drive like. There was nothing else like it on the market, and for the next couple of years, it reigned supreme. It quickly established itself as the classic poster car, hanging on the walls of most young boys, and even adults’ bedrooms. But just what made it so special? We dig deeper to find out why it’s considered a hero to this very day.

Lamborghini was one of the most renowned car manufacturers back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Although a lot of people preferred the Ferrari counterpart, the Lamborghini was almost always the dream car, the one which everyone wanted, but only a few could own and drive. The trend started long before the famous cars we know today, when a new era was born with the Miura, the Countach’s predecessor. The Lamborghini Miura was in production from 1966 to 1973 and it basically pioneer the entire mid-engine, two-seater coupe sportscar/supercar segment which every other car has been nesting in ever since. Despite it being designed secretly by the engineering team at Lamborghini, against the company owner’s wishes, when it launched, the Miura was the fastest car on the planet.

The Countach had a lot to live up to then, and luckily for Lamborghini, it more than surpassed the expectations set for it. Although it wasn’t the very first Lamborghini to define the segment, it most definitely became the bookmark for what every other following supercar should be like, and that stands true today. Take the name for instance. The word “Countach” is an exclamation astonishment in a local dialect, which in literal translation means “accidenti”, i.e. “Heavens!” The prototype for the Countach received its debut at the Geneva Motor Show back in 1971, some 3 years before its production, but initial feedback was very good.

The car’s strong point is unquestionably its design. The car was styled by the legendary Marcello Gandini from the Bertone design studio, the very same company and man who designed the original Miura. Although he was rather young and inexperienced, it didn’t stop him from designing what was soon to be possibly the most iconic car of the decade. The original Countach coupe measured in at 1.07 meters in height, but just 4.1 meters in length.

The actual styling was something no other car had at the time. Every line was sharp, and the car was littered with lots of edges and corners. The angles were ridiculous, but that’s what really established the car and in turn, the brand. Lamborghini’s modern trademark, the scissor doors, were also featured on the Countach. Although it was more of a styling thing, just for aesthetic purposes, it did have a purpose. The car was so wide that getting in and out when it was parked in tight spaces would have made traditional doors too impractical. The scissor doors proved to be the ideal solution, both practicality and styling wise.

To drive it, you have to be brave and a bit lucky. First off, visibility is poor in nearly all directions, but it’s neigh on non-existent for the rear. The clutch, to hold all that power, is very stiff and it requires really powerful leg muscles. The steering is unassisted, and with massive tires at the front, you need really strong arms as well. If you were physically fit to do all those things, in almost all cases, you wouldn’t be able to physically fit inside it. Despite being so large, the interior was rather cramped, the driving position was tilted to one side, making it super uncomfortable. You need to manhandle it at ordinary speeds, so driving it fast right at the limit must require immense bravery and a large dose of lunacy.

The Countach remained in production for sixteen years, from 1974 to 1990, in one form or another. Yes, it was that good. You’re more likely to see a modern-day hypercar than a Countach however, as only 2,042 cars were built, and more than half of them were built in the last four years of the Countach’s production alone.

With a price tag well over half a million Euros, and up to a million for most cars, it’s not the most affordable car, even as an investment. It’s not hard to see why so many people love it however. It defined the supercar segment, and it was a proper car, one which required real inputs from the driver. It’s a serious motor, one deserving of all the glory it received over the years. Now all we have to do is find a million Euros and buy one. If you want to get cheeky you could rent a Lamborghini and take some selfies(pretty sure they dont offer the Countach). So not quite the same as owning a Countach but it may help to scratch the itch in the short term. Happy driving.

What Makes Lamborghini Exotic?

Maybe you have pulled up to a stop light, minding your own business like an everyday citizen when the most unbelievable car pulls up next to you? This thing looks like a space ship and sounds like a rocket. Subsequently, after staring at the car you can't help but question what is the beautiful power?

Perhaps you remember it from a post in your youth! The Lamborghini Countach

Thus, You wind up wondering; just what's an exotic car? In the first place, it aids to begin with the official definition

  • Overseas source or nature; perhaps not native; launched from overseas, but maybe not completely naturalized or acclimatized: exotic meals; exotic crops.
  • Strikingly unusual or unexpected in effect or look: an exotic hairdo. In this situation, we will go with # 2, just because the others do not match when referencing an automobile.
  • There is an assortment of "laymen" definitions for what an exotic car may be, but we hold the benchmark at the Lamborghini Countach.

    Some believe that it is a car that costs hundreds of thousands of bucks. Not always accurate. A humbly priced Lotus Elise is regarded exotic, however is priced around $50K.

    Lamborghini Car Show & Automobile History

    Lamborghini is an Italian luxury activity car with a abundant history. The company was started by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963 and was an immediate success. It's asserted that Lamborghini had a tract or which was not functioning correctly and he'd assembly with Enzo Ferrari to whine about the issue. Enzo blown off the issue saying the clutch was good, but the motorist was lousy. Resentful, Lamborghini began a company to rival Ferrari. In 1964, he did just that with the launch of the 350GT This is followed by more gts and the company found on fire. With fashionable sophistication and big engines, this low-slung car appeared as if a Fiat but was way quicker. Over the years, Lamborghini made he LP500 Countach which became an instantly success but this was brief because of the oil crises of the 70s.

    The company was plagued with several insolvency and the company merged with Chrysler. Chrysler farther enhanced this fast car but the poor economic system prohibited revenue. Lamborghini was again re sold and shortly the Diablo SV was introduced. Afterwards, Audi AG purchased the company and again re designed the car. Now, Lamborghini is a subsidiary company of the Volkswagen. One of the difficulties with Lamborghini News has been the disbursement to buy it. The present Mucielago LP640 is more affordable than the Spyder or the Gallardo but revenue never have picked up. Despite the fact that the cars are fast and successful, they nevertheless stay expensive for the common public. There's conjecture that a four door sedan may be the next step for this sports car.