A History of Lamborghini



The Lamborghini: a slick version of a car that creates great envy to a lot of those who don't possess or cannot afford to have one. Interestingly enough, Lamborghini has an extended history behind it that did not contain race cars, or cars for that matter. The Lamborghini was a very long time coming from the brilliant and creative head of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was created in 1916 in Italy. He joined the military and was stationed on a fundamentally distant island during the Second World War where his skill to repair just about anything without many tools or components accessible was found. Essentially, if he could not repair it, then it could not be repaired. When the war finished, he returned to his home in northern Italy and determined to go into his own business; mending and fixing up cars and bikes.Yet, as he lived in an extremely agricultural area, he soon found that there was a great demand for someone who could mend tractors and so he started his venture into tractor repair.

Ferruccio Lamborghini began constructing his own tractor engines and they became so popular and in such demand he was making and selling over 400 a month by 1960. By this time, he had also developed a love for race cars and had possessed and driven several of the top performance cars including the Ferrari. He determined it was time for him to make his own car and that, as they say, is history.

Lamborghini's first car was a masterpiece and was a V12 with 4 cams. He got the help andexpertise of outstanding designers, even one who'd worked on a Ferrari, to develop his first car. The Lamborghini was a success and production started shortly after. After many shows and races, the popularity of the Lamborghini merely intensified and now there were a lot more investors and other businesses looking to get in on the production and gains.